Thursday, 10 July 2014


Hello folks. Happy summer, hemisphere allowing.

We have some new things available!

KEY by Lisa Jayne. Lisa is a poet living and dancing in Brighton. This small pamphlet is a typewritten card wrapped letter press covered sewn object. Inside it are two poems. One short verse, one longer prose piece. If you are getting it sent to somewhere in the UK click here: (£4).
If not click here: (£5).

INCISIONS by William Rowe. Incisions is a new sequence from William Rowe. It's a fragmented lyric, full of motion, bends in language, strain and glimpses of paradise. This is a pre-order. UK orders here: (£5).
Everywhere else orders here: (£6).

THE FUTURE by Joe Luna. The Future is an A4 sewn card paper combo. A set of eight heavy lyric stanzas in beautiful free form song. This is also a pre-order. In the UK it is here: (£5).
or if you want THE FUTURE in a place that isn't the UK it is here: (£6.50).

Please leave up to four weeks for the arrival of your books, though it may take less time than that. It depends on what you are buying, and why.

If you want to support Iodine further you can donate to us here:

 Thank you for your good heart. Put it on a good page.


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