Tuesday 16 December 2014

Sean Bonney - Letters on Harmony - 2nd Edition.

I've typewritten a second edition of Sean Bonney's Letters on Harmony. It has a gun-metal card cover. Each copy is hand sewn and cover printed in Red/Green lettering with stamps.

It costs £5 in the UK.
It costs £7.50 everywhere else.

Orders can take up to three weeks. Christmas and that.

Thursday 10 July 2014


Hello folks. Happy summer, hemisphere allowing.

We have some new things available!

KEY by Lisa Jayne. Lisa is a poet living and dancing in Brighton. This small pamphlet is a typewritten card wrapped letter press covered sewn object. Inside it are two poems. One short verse, one longer prose piece. If you are getting it sent to somewhere in the UK click here: (£4).
If not click here: (£5).

INCISIONS by William Rowe. Incisions is a new sequence from William Rowe. It's a fragmented lyric, full of motion, bends in language, strain and glimpses of paradise. This is a pre-order. UK orders here: (£5).
Everywhere else orders here: (£6).

THE FUTURE by Joe Luna. The Future is an A4 sewn card paper combo. A set of eight heavy lyric stanzas in beautiful free form song. This is also a pre-order. In the UK it is here: (£5).
or if you want THE FUTURE in a place that isn't the UK it is here: (£6.50).

Please leave up to four weeks for the arrival of your books, though it may take less time than that. It depends on what you are buying, and why.

If you want to support Iodine further you can donate to us here:

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Tuesday 10 September 2013

Ian Heames - TO

PROUD to announce the possible pre-order of TO
to follow from Array One (critical documents). This
book is incredibly exciting. It is currently (physically)
hovering between three cities. It is set to CUT the
pre-set and it is yours to be ordered for NOW to be
sent to you THEN and to speak to those then and now.

[This is how we make advertisements in clique: mastering
the voice of a vague pastiche of the aesthetics of
the writing that's about.]

Note: This is a pre-order. Books to be posted on
the 24th of September and (if required) the first of
October. Subsequent orders will be dealt with


Tuesday 20 August 2013



by  Robert Hirst, Ashley French, Karl M. V. Waugh, Nat Raha, Geo Leonard, V. Vollycore, Jow Walton and Jonny Liron


Monday 8 April 2013

Sean Bonney: Letters on Harmony. Iodine Longplayer.


Sean Bonney: Letters on Harmony.

Paper, card, words, pictures. 16pagespread.

Iodine: Longplayer.

Poems by Richard Owens, Ben Noys, Sean Bonney, Karl M. V. Waugh, Chris Buckley, Ian Heames, Nat Raha, Duncan Harrison, Lucy Auton. Essay by David Grundy

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Dear Nothing and No One In It

Dear Nothing and No One In It 

a collaborative effort by Jonny Liron and Verity Spott
22pp. Four poems. Cover artwork by Myra Stuart
who's work can be seen here: http://www.coroflot.com/myrastuart